Let’s Go To The Golden Gate Bridge

Post was written with help from Big Bert. 

Today in class we visited the Golden Gate Bridge! Just kidding! Mrs. Minicozzi brought a cart full of virtual reality goggles ( Mrs. Minicozzi is our technology person for our district.)  We used virtual reality goggles to go to famous landmarks.  If you don’t know what virtual reality is, it’s when you wear goggles and you can move around and it looks like and feels like you actually visited wherever you wanted to go. When everyone put on the goggles they said, “Wow”  and “That’s awesome!”

My favorite landmark was the Golden Gate Bridge. They began building the Golden Gate Bridge in 1933 and finished in 1937.  The span is 4,200 feet long ( 1,280 meters wide). The towers on the bridge are 227 meters long. Finally, some people might think that the Golden Gate Bridge is gold, but it is really red.

I got this picture from google earth isn’t it beautiful

Do you anything about the Golden Gate Gridge?

Have you ever used VR goggles?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Golden Gate Bridge

  1. I really liked your description of what virtual reality is. That is so cool that when you are looking at something, you actually feel like you are there. Thank you also for clarifying that the Golden Gate Bridge is not “gold,” buy red. I wonder why they named it the Golden Gate Bridge?

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