Don’t Take Credit!

Photo by “Steven Carver”



What is going on?!

We had just come back from physical education. We looked at our paintings and the names were all switched up. Then we told our teacher, Mrs. Yollis, that the names were wrong and she said it doesn’t matter.


A few minutesĀ laterĀ she announced that she did it on purpose. At first, we felt really sad and we learned a lesson not to take credit for other people’s work.

Have you ever had your work stolen? If so, how did you feel?

Can you guess the artist if so tell us who?

(I will give you his initials K. H.).




One thought on “Don’t Take Credit!

  1. Hi Steven,
    What a great lesson you learned! Your teacher sounds very cool:) I think that when we experience something ourselves, we are more likely to remember the experience because it made us feel something.

    I can’t say that I’ve had my work stolen, but I have had my ideas taken. Ever tell someone something and then they say it to someone else as though it was their idea? Do you think that falls into the same category?

    I really am at a loss about who the artist you are referring to might be! Do you have another hint for me?

    Looking forward to chatting again.
    Take care,
    Lynn Cepella

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